Looking for tech loving SLT bloggers for new project

I'm currently brewing up a storm on a new project that looks at remote speech and language therapy, AI, private healthcare provision and how we engage families to support each other with language, communication and swallowing needs. All with the long term objective of increasing accessibility, reducing costs and increasing effectiveness of therapy interventions - so that everyone can have access to speech and language therapy wherever they are in the world if they need it. 

It's a big vision but it starts small, incremental and with a series of experiments to see what works, what people want with a business model that's sustainable - not reliant on public sector funding. That route is not looking very positive in the current climate of funding cuts and movement of budgets. 

I am looking for speech and language therapists who can recognise themselves as follows:

  • Love to write about their profession and practice and understand how to be disciplined with length and deadlines
  • Have a fun and upbeat approach to writing, an interest in communicating to families of all ages but able to adapt style as appropriate for engagement with professional peers. They communicate well in bite size chunks. 
  • Enjoy social media and have a fascination with all things technology. 
  • Are interested in the possibilities of remote speech and language therapy but are aware of the restrictions so can form a balanced view
  • Love the NHS but understand there is a market for private 
  • Understand the changes sweeping across healthcare over the next decade in terms of technology, artificial intelligence, consumer health and want to be a part of that change and have a say rather than stand by and watch
  • Work with adults or children and have particular experience in one or more of the following areas; Developmental language disorders, phonology, autism, acquired speech and language disorders, dysphagia.
  • Have the flexibility and energy to write on a regular basis for 2-4 hours a week around their other responsibilities. At the beginning there will be some intense work but it will even out to be regular after the first month. 
  • Enjoy meeting, mixing and networking - in addition to the paid written work all expenses paid for physical meetups. 

If this sounds like you please tweet me on @zoepeden and I can give you more info. If it's not for you but you know an SLT who might fit the bill looking for some flexi creative work please pass it on. 

Deadline for getting in touch 31st October 2016