Never tell me the odds

A man gets knocked down seven times and SHE gets up eight
— Zobi-Wan adapted chinese proverb :)

As an experienced tech entrepreneur and investor I'm fully aware of the highs and very lows of this game. Nine tenths of the time you are getting your arse kicked but that one tenth when you make a big sale or enable someone to speak for the first time with your software - that's what gets you up in the morning. 

I’ve spent the best part of twenty years building products with ten of those at my own company. I've won over 10 awards nationally and internationally for my work creating and growing an assistive technology product for children and adults called MyChoicePad including Elle Magazine Social Entrepreneur of the Year. I have a second product called Iris Speaks which is digitising speech and language therapy through telehealth and VR which won a recent award from UFI Charitable Trust.

Now I spend my days on the other side of the table at Ananda Ventures - Europe's largest early stage impact VC fund and as a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School

Zobi-Wan is my alter ego. Read more about my work here or follow me on twitter @zoepeden

I want to reduce the cost of access to speech and language therapy services. Iris Speaks aims to transform the way interventions are delivered, measured and accessed.

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Zoe is a Venture Partner for Ananda. This means I get to have lots of fun meeting new companies, investing and helping them to grow.

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